Our Expertise

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Our intensive research helps us deliver meaningful and thoughtful strategy. From large-scale quantitative studies to deep one-on-one, in-home discussions to online panels, we not only dig into what customers are thinking, feeling, and buying, we dissect the competition to understand their choices in the marketplace. We also support clients in developing their strategic path forward based on existing research they may have.

Clients work directly with Amy Korpus, who manages every facet of the project—not a junior researcher or strategy project manager with limited experience. Working inside companies, Amy has faced the first-hand realities of running a business. She has interviewed hundreds of customers and conducted countless surveys and market analyses. She looks at businesses across a range of industries and can put herself in the shoes of a C-suite executive. And because ASK runs projects very lean, we’re more cost-efficient than other firms.

Amy works with an experienced project-specific team of strategy and research experts, depending on scope and needs. These experts support ASK in summarizing findings, drafting research tools and conducting research, so we can examine every detail methodically and thoughtfully, every customer recruit, every insight, every competitive visit, and every question that needs to be answered.